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Missing Textures?Missing Textures?Missing Textures?Small Hall bugs

I'm trying to help Project Q v1.5 get ready for release.

Step 1: Download the developer files... Uh, what?

Ok, I've used the q_dev updater and downloaded a *bunch* of files and it built a set of haks for me. But. I seem to be missing some basic textures.

Also, looking specifically at the Q Castle Interior tileset, there is a wierd white-out effect when I select the Small Hall. Sometimes the entire view (middle window) whites out. Sometimes the cursor just leaves white Small Hall trails. Additionally, the Hall brush stays red no matter what I do. It will not paint. Judging by the size/shape of the red box, it's meant to be a crosser, but it doesn't paint.


Add this to the bones problems Cestus is having and working on Sally's website is actually a relief.


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