May CCC: New Weapons

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Draft of the conceptA crystal blade with a damascus coreMeriadeth with Red MercyThe icy gripA ruby auraStart on the guardThe guard and gripMariadeth with Red MercyStart of the placeable versionA deadly caduceusStill not quite rightPassable

Red Mercy is a divine weapon that works in 3 modes:

  • Weapon: This diamond-bladed bastard sword deal divine damage and is both devil- and demon-bane
  • Placeable: When the sword hovers and the ruby serpents entwine, an aura of peace surrounds the sword.  No combat is possible within this influence.
  • Creature: (Not done yet) The guard spreads its wings and the sword literally flies into combat.

Red Mercy is the personal weapon of the angel Meriadeth and was left on the mortal plane when she vanquished the devil Cricket. It has been a centerpiece of the Mercy Inn in Arrowhead for nearly a century. No one can move it and its aura of peace ensures there are no brawls or arguments.

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