Elven Ki-stone Diadems

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Converted wedding ringUsing the belt slotMind protection!Amethyst KiStoneEmerald KiStoneTopaz KiStoneSapphire KiStoneRuby KiStoneDiamond KiStoneDrop modelsAll six fer tha ladiesAll six fer tha men

Makin' Ki-stone Diadems fer tha 2012-03 Elven CCC.

Ki-stones're gems loaded with power. Elves us them ta focus and enhance their conjurin'.

There be six types o' Ki-stones:

  • Amethyst (Mind)
  • Emerald (Water)
  • Ruby (fire)
  • Topaz (Earth)
  • Sapphire (Air)
  • Diamon (Spirit)

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