The Crone lives

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I've wrapped up the Crone for the Sept. CC Challenge. She's not done, by any means, but She *is* usable.
From the readme:
She is designed to be a seasonal aspect. In mods using seasonal haks to rotate textures on tilesets, add the appropriate textures to the seasonal haks.  This one would be placed in winter, of course.
The Crone is the Winter aspect of Sylvi'a, daughter of Gaia, Goddess of the forest. She is not evil - a common misconception.  She is horrible as death beetles and corpse worms are horrible.  She is terrible as facing down a slavering, snarling wolf who is staring with fixed intent at the pulse in your jugular is terrible.  She is as hard as a killing frost and harsh as the moaning north wind in a blizzard. But She is not evil.
One final note on The Eater of the Dead. She is exactly that. Her favored prey is the dead. It is for this reason alone that Lich & vampire would fight to their destruction before allowing themselves to be dragged within the boundaries of Tiera Verd'n, The Green Land, The Walking Woods. I imagine that, should you manage to trick or coerce a greater dead within Her reach, She would be very... appreciative ;-)
To do still: 
  • Fix Her anims... they are very rough :-( My apologies
  • Improve Her textures
  • Animate her hair. I really don't like dangly mesh for such long hair.  It should swirl and bounce :-P
  • Animate her face. Animesh to animate the tverts, separate eyes & lids so she can scowl, scan, smile.
  • Add effects:
  • Heartbeat light
  • Vines effect on appear
  • Birds visiting (texure seasonal - crows in winter)
  • ?Corona of bugs effect (Butterflies in spring-fall. Flies in winter? Hmmm...)


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