Beginning to re-skin the Crone

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Sylvi'aSylvi'a's Heart

The Crone is really starting to come together.  And the little heartbeat twitch of her inner ribs is nicely creepy =)


I've combined the 3 different texture maps into one. But now I need to re-map all the uvw maps on the seperate elements :-(

Still, every crisis is an opportunity... I was pretty unhappy with a lot of those maps, anyway :-/


However, I had hoped I could hand-craft *one* rib-finger and apply the uvw map to the others, but there are inconsistencies between each finger (Odd, they were each copies of the first...) So, I will be hand-crafting *every* element. <sigh>










I really like the idea of crystal as a beating heart. The Old Crone really is gucky to look at, she'll give adventurers nightmares!

Shame about having to craft each rib-finger. I can only take an uneducated guess that each time you copy the original something changes, or something simply won't copy over *shrugs* I'll bet the CC'er forums could answer that for you ;)

Dragon Disguised as Quality Family Butcher ;)

Nightmares, yes. Especially if they're of the Pale Master persuasion :-)

The gem-heart is something that is fundamental on Amethyst. Not only is the Gaia world-mind created in large part by crystalline substrates (based on cutting edge holographic storage & quantum entanglement theories, BTW) but the vast majority of artifacts & deities are formed around a core of crystal that came from Moonfall. These are the shattered psyches of the daughters of Amethyst, Her moons. Before being used as weapons against Her, they were sentient beings in their own right (though dependent on Amethyst). Sylvi'a has a very large piece of one of the more developed moons. Any place She manifests, She has to do it through one of the entangled shards of Her original matrix.

Major artifacts & *all* sentient artifacts are also formed around fragments of one of the moons.

Re CC: yip. I scan it constantly :-) Only started scanning the general discussion forum because I follow what Elhanon the Ancient One says... Then I kinda got interested in a certain silver beauty...

<focus, old man. Focus!>

Heh. Right :-)

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