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CC Maker's Moot

1st Annual Maker's MootBorden Ha'elvenCestus DeiEstelindisHenesuaLeurnid HandOldTimeRadioRolo and BotherShadoOowShemsu-HeruVibrant pen UmbraUgga

Well, I've started collecting erfs and haks for the CC Maker's Avatar project.

These are the Erf's I have so far, though some of them need a bit of work (My what a deep voice you have, pretty lady :-)

  • Borden Ha'elven
  • Cestus Dei
  • Estelindis
  • Henesua
  • Leurnid Hand
  • OldTimeRadio
  • Rolo Kipp (w/ Bother and Jeeves)
  • ShadoOow
  • Shemsu-Heru
  • Vibrant pen Umbra (w/ Ugga)

I'll try to pull out some more erfs from the Rogues CCC.

Q-project on the DL

Missing Textures?Missing Textures?Missing Textures?Small Hall bugs

I'm trying to help Project Q v1.5 get ready for release.

Step 1: Download the developer files... Uh, what?

Ok, I've used the q_dev updater and downloaded a *bunch* of files and it built a set of haks for me. But. I seem to be missing some basic textures.

December CCC: Winter stuff

Snow FurySnow Fury

This month we created a snow flurry creature/effect combo and a much deadlier Snow Fury creature who could easily be mistaken for the former.

The Snow Fury is an elemental creature of blinding snow and deadly cold.

It is almost impossible to hit or hurt, except with fire.

Wyldhunt is working on a rather clever AI for it, as well.

Unfortunately, we also committed to creating a "foggy breath" effect for version 2 :-P

I just don't learn ;-)

November CCC: Underwater stuff

The SHoAThe SHoA

This month we made underwater stuff. :-)

I also created an account for Cestus ['Ello] to be my content creator.

So this month he made the Submarine Helm o' Air (SHoA), complete with air bubble head effect, tiny bubbles (bioware) breathing effect, golden torc (Estelindis) torso effect, icon & drop model. A different one for each of the six standard races and genders :-P

With the tag-based script firing onEquip and onUnequip, it came together pretty nicely.

We're proud of this one :-)

October CCC: Demonic things

Altar of V'rax'l

I'm not comfortable with this theme at all. Simply too heavy for me. I prefer quite a bit more humor than can survive the blood and flames of the nether regions :-/

Still, I'm in this to push my self and to improve my content making skills. 

I built a Demonic Altar. This one is to my old foe, V'rax'l the Flenser, Lord of Pain.

Yuck. 'Nuff said

The Crone lives

I've wrapped up the Crone for the Sept. CC Challenge. She's not done, by any means, but She *is* usable.
From the readme:
She is designed to be a seasonal aspect. In mods using seasonal haks to rotate textures on tilesets, add the appropriate textures to the seasonal haks.  This one would be placed in winter, of course.


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