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CC Maker's Moot

1st Annual Maker's MootBorden Ha'elvenCestus DeiEstelindisHenesuaLeurnid HandOldTimeRadioRolo and BotherShadoOowShemsu-HeruVibrant pen UmbraUgga

Well, I've started collecting erfs and haks for the CC Maker's Avatar project.

These are the Erf's I have so far, though some of them need a bit of work (My what a deep voice you have, pretty lady :-)

  • Borden Ha'elven
  • Cestus Dei
  • Estelindis
  • Henesua
  • Leurnid Hand
  • OldTimeRadio
  • Rolo Kipp (w/ Bother and Jeeves)
  • ShadoOow
  • Shemsu-Heru
  • Vibrant pen Umbra (w/ Ugga)

I'll try to pull out some more erfs from the Rogues CCC.

5 years 2 months ago A happy and exciting New Year

The Amethyst Tapestry wishes all of you a happy, exciting and loving New Year.

Make a difference.

Happy New Year
5 years 4 months ago Pixies comin' along

Did some texturin' an' envmappin' Next I'll supermodel the alternate models ta tha Sapphire model and finally fix them anims.

Four colors
5 years 4 months ago Vendor Carts for the 2012 Oct CCC: Bazaar

Fer tha October CCC we're bashin' together a few Vendor Carts.

Tinker: Lookin' atcha
5 years 5 months ago Pixie Wings for 2012 Jul CCC: PC Customization

Well, an' I promised these wings ta Rubies. So I'm gonna make them.

Geometry's 'bout right
5 years 8 months ago Giant Dragonflies for 2012 Jun CCC: Animals

We'll be makin' Giant Dragonflies fer tha July Challenge, in tha hopes o' reusin' tha wings fer Rubies.

Dragonflies: Passable

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